CTA Series

The new VISION CTA series of VRLA batteries has been specially designed for use in telecom systems. With proven compliance to the most rigorous international standards, such as IEC896-2, BS6290-4, Eurobat Guide, VISION CTA series batteries are recognized as the best ones for telecom applications. With front access terminals, it's easy for installing and taking voltage readings during service. The battery container and cover made from V0 class flame retardant ABS & with thick walls, offer the battery with high mechanical strength and safety service features. VISION CTA delivers high performance while occupying less space than conventional battery series.

This product guide covers the VISION CTA Front Terminal series and is designed to help users select the appropriate battery for particular applications. Technical information includes detailed discharge performance data for each unit and advice on calculating the correct battery size.

The new VISION CTA Front Terminal range of valve regulated lead acid batteries has been designed specifically for use in applications where demand the highest levels of security and reliability. With proven compliance to international standards, VISION CTA is recognized as one of the best battery series for Telecom/IT applications.

The adoption of gas recombination technology enables lead acid batteries be manufactured in sealed design and maintenance-free. This Technology provides the user with the freedom to use lead acid batteries in a wide range of applications and batteries can be installed in any locations.

The VISION CTA Front Terminal batteries are suitable for 19', 23', and ETSI racking, give users the benefit of increased energy density. With all electrical connections at the front, installation and inspection are simple quicker.

Main applications: 

Communication equipment, Uninterruptible power supplies, Telecommunication systems, Electronic cash registers, Microprocessor based office machines, Other standby power supplies

Features and benefits: 
  • Thick pasted plates with high quality lead-tin-calcium alloy grids for long service life
  • Centralized venting system for gas ventilation
  • Plastics or rope handles for handling and installation convenience
  • Front access terminals for easy and quick connection
  • Low internal resistance
  • Lower self discharge
  • Design life 12+ years
  • Case and cover in strong flame retardant ABS, V0 class.
  • Available from 50-155Ah at 10 hour rate to 1.80Vpc at 20?
  • Six months shelf life at 20?
Maintenance free: 
No water addition
Easy installation: 
  • Vertical or horizontal position
  • In cabinets or on stacks. No separate battery room necessary
  • Ideal for installation as an integral part of a standby system due to its long life
    Plastic or rope handles for handling and installation convenience
Type Nominal Voltage(V) Nominal Capacity Length Width Height Total Height Weight Terminal Technical manual
in mm in mm in mm in mm Pounds Kg
CTA12-155X 12.0 155.0 21,5 546 4,92 125 12,4 315 12,4 315 135,8 61,6 F15 N/A
CTA12-125X 12.0 125.0 21,57 548 4,13 105 12,44 316 12,44 316 109,13 49,5 F15 N/A
CTA12-100X 12.0 100.0 21,97 558 4,92 125 8,98 228 8,98 228 92,59 42 F15 N/A
CTA12-85X 12.0 85.0 15,47 393 4,92 125 10,08 256 10,08 256 70,55 32 F15 N/A
CTA12-80X 12.0 80.0 20 508 4,33 110 9,09 231 9,09 231 68,34 31 F15 N/A
CTA12-75X 12.0 75.0 22,17 563 4,53 115 7,4 188 7,4 188 62,83 28,5 F15 N/A
CTA12-50X 12.0 50.0 10,98 279 4,13 105 11,02 280 11,02 280 44,09 20 F15 N/A